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NReco does not run in x86 enviroment


I have built my application which successfuly converts html to pdf on my PC.
But when I upload it to Windows 2003 server (x86) I get error message saying it is invalid platform.

Although it says the dll contains x86 exe file, I suppose it does not.

Things I tried:
  • Included a custom wkhtmltopdf.exe but it gets overwritten by the dll
  • Gave everyone permission to bin folder
Any suggestions?


fedorchenko wrote May 25, 2016 at 8:43 AM


PdfGenerator assembly (NReco.PdfGenerator.dll) embeds wkhtmltopdf MSVC x86 build; it works fine on all modern versions of windows but doesn't support legacy ones (like XP and Server 2003).

You can use MinGW build instead that works fine under Server 2003. Note that custom wkhtmltopdf can be used only with PdfGenerator LT build that doesn't embeds wkhtmltopdf. This build is available only with commercial packages.